The LEARNER project is a 3-year research effort aimed at developing a Life Long Learning (LLL) Roadmap to facilitate the enhancement of Graduate Attribute Development (GAD) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) in Qatar based on national skills and competency requirements.

By participating in the LEARNER Project your organisation will be able to:
  • Learn how leading Universities and Chartered Professional Institutes deliver CPD programmes in ICT, Accounting and Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Learn how to increase management and leadership capacity through CPD
  • Participate in pilot CPD training workshops run by the project
  • Have first-hand access to the competency assessment platform and LLL roadmap developed in the project
  • The LEARNER Roadmap will encompass a comprehensive skills-development process including gap analysis and mapping of skills and competency requirements within the local and international job markets for specific roles (i.e. ICT, Accounting, HR Management).

LEARNER - Overview of Project Activities

All activities apply equally to Graduate Attribute Development (GAD) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

A1: Gap Analysis
  • Stakeholder ownership seminar/workshop – high level presentations with objective of getting buy-in and local leadership to the work
  • Literature & documentation review
  • Gap analysis, in focus groups and structured interviews, using proprietary tools (background IP) such as SFIA and equivalent frameworks (outputs are reports and do not embody background IP)
A2: Framework Development
  • Prepare draft strategy document & roadmap for implementation of GAD & CPD to address gaps identified (termed Framework Document). The roadmap / framework will reference examples of available tools and methods in its outline guidance without conceding IP or confidential material. Covering:
    • What actions need to be taken or done
    • Why these actions need to be taken: links to research in A1
    • Options for carrying out these actions
    • Supporting evidence & examples
  • Validation of draft strategy:
    • Consultation
    • Pilots in workshops of recommended techniques (e.g. personal skill and learning needs analysis (perhaps using SFIAplus), career path identification, CPD principles and techniques (perhaps using CPD online tools), setting learning goals, sourcing learning opportunities & courses….) to evaluate acceptability and relevance to Qatari professionals. Will use , using proprietary tools (background IP) such as SFIA and equivalent frameworks (outputs do not embody background IP)
    • Consolidation and analysis of feedback
  • Revision of strategy document and presentation of final version
A3: Develop Competency Assessment Platform
  • Define what this means in the light of the above: needs to support implementation of the strategy. It is more likely to be a Professional Development Support Resource Centre than something that helps individuals assess their competencies — products of the professional bodies are available to do that. So it won’t provide users with proprietary IP beyond what is available through open access anyway. Will be based on open source software (e.g. could do it in WordPress).
  • Design and set up any ongoing processes needed to maintain site content e.g. processes to regularly monitor and update information on the state of key skills in Qatar
  • Design, prototype and evaluate the site with potential users; iterate as necessary
  • Implement site and establish technical and content support and maintenance processes and resources; hand-over ownership and responsibility.
  • Funded by
  • Project Partners